What is WARC

 Western Applied Research Corporation (WARC) is a non-profit organization that is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of northwest Saskatchewan producers. We are a part of the Saskatchewan Agri-ARM network and work in partnership with Agriculture and AgriFood Canada (AAFC) at the Scott Research Farm.


WARC's Mandate:

  • Transfer technology from research to Saskatchewan producers
  • Evaluate the economic implications of technology for Saskatchewan producers

 WARC has 4 full time employees. Along with our full time employees we hire several seasonal workers and students.

Our Team

Jessica Weber

General Manager 

Office: (306) 247-2001

Cell: (306) 361-8703

Email: jessica.weber@warc.ca 

 Jessica grew up on a mixed grain and livestock farm outside Landis Sk. She completed her B.Sc. in Plant Science with a major in Agronomy and a minor in Agribusiness. She completed her M.Sc. in Plant Science, with a focus on weed-crop competition and weed control in Western Canada, at the University of Saskatchewan.

Kayla Slind

Research Associate

 Office: (306)247-2001

Cell: (306) 843-7984

Email: kayla.slind@warc.ca

 Kayla grew up on a grain farm east of Wilkie, SK. She holds a B.Sc. in Agronomy from the University of Saskatchewan. Kayla has previous experience as a Professional Agronomy Consultant with Western Ag/Northland Agronomy where she was involved in field scouting, soil sampling and fertility management planning.  

Sukhdeep Kaur

Operations Assistant

 Office: (306) 247-2001

Cell: (306) 830-5054

Email: sukhdeep.kaur@warc.ca 

Sukhdeep grew up on grain and dairy farm in Punjab, India. She has a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Agriculture from Punjab Agricultural University. After completing her masters, she then completed a diploma in Agribusiness at the Lakeland College. 

Gurtaj Singh

Executive Administrator

 Office: (306) 247-2001

Cell: (306) 914-5585

Email: exec.admin@warc.ca

Gurtaj grew up on a grain farm in India. He went to Punjab Agricultural University and graduated in Dairy Technology and then completed a Masters of Business Administration (MBA Agribusiness). He then further pursued his education by completing the Agribusiness diploma program at Lakeland College. 

Board Members

Trevor Scherman (Chair)

Battleford, SK

(306) 481-4620


Stuart Lawrence (Vice Chair)

Rosetown, SK

(306) 831-7843


Blaine Davey 

Wilkie, SK

(306) 843-8160


Sheldon Stang 

Major, SK

(306) 834-8619


Ryan Charabin

North Battleford, SK

(306) 441-4741


Jeff Hyland

Scott, SK

(306) 843-7997


Mike Bender

Wapella, SK

(639) 318-1679


Rob Jones

North Battleford, Sk

(306) 441-2893


Stacey Sagon

Biggar, SK

(306) 951-9603


Michael Palmier

Plenty, SK

(306) 932-7733


Justin Askildt

Wilkie, SK

(306) 918-7377