What is AgriARM

What Is AgriARM

  • Agri-ARM is a network of producer-directed applied research and demonstration organizations located across Saskatchewan
  • All operating individually, each site strives to collaborate on a broad range of projects, generating results relevant to growers over a wide area
  • Supported by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and Canada-Saskatchewan Growing Forward 2 bi-lateral agreement, AgriARM sites receive the majority of funds through project based funding from governments, commodity groups and private industry

What They Do

  • Increase the adoption of new agricultural production technologies and practices
  • Provide farmers with more tools for environmental and economic decision making
  • Develop and maintain an adequate level of infrastructure and expertise for regional applied research and demonstration
  • Increase public awareness of agriculture's role in environmental stewardship and the overall economy
  • Test, evaluate and demonstrate potential new technologies and practices
  • Provide unbiased, third party results at field days, producer meetings, workshops and online. 

Contact AgriARM

Conservation Learning Centre

(Prince Albert)

Robin Brown, Research Manager




Northeast Agriculture Research Foundation Inc. (Melfort)

Stewart Brandt, Research Manager

(306)752-2776 ext 234


East Central Research Foundation (Yorkton)

Mike Hall, Manager

(306) 621-6032



South East Research Farm (Redvers)

Lana Shaw, Manager

(306) 891-5050


Indian Head Agricultural Research Foundation (Indian Head)

Danny Petty, Manager




Western Applied Research Corporation (Scott)

Jessica Weber, General Manager



Irrigation Crop Diversification Corporation (Outlook)

Desseri Ackerman, Administrator

(306) 831-5282



Wheatland Conservation Area Inc.

Bryan Nybo, Manager

(306) 773-4775