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WARC Research Technician


Job Objectives:

Under the supervision of the General Manager and/or Research Associate, the Research Technician is responsible for carrying out field research and demonstration projects on behalf of the Western Applied Research Corporation (WARC).  This includes adherence to project reporting requirements, developing demonstration and field scale projects and providing technical transfer of project results to producers and agronomists.


Job Description:

The WARC Research Technician will assist with the creation, implementation and reporting of projects under the direction of WARC General Manager, Research Associate and other Research Personnel.


Duties Include:

Project Development and Coordination

·         Assist with identifying and developing new projects

·         Assist with writing project proposals to obtain funding

·         Assist with creating and carry out protocols for field research and demonstration projects

·         Coordinate development of WARC funding reports, annual reports and fact sheets with the General Manger, Research Associate and other Research Personnel

·         Keep WARC Executive Administrator updated regarding project progress, reporting requirements, expenses incurred, etc.


Field Research

·         Assist with the coordination of field activities including seeding, treatment application, plot maintenance, data collection, harvest, sample processing, etc.

·         Act as on-station agronomist to aid in scouting, diagnosing and overspray operations

·         Operate and assist in managing, calibrating and maintaining WARC equipment and inventory

·         Assist in determining required inputs and source inputs required for trials as needed

·         Assist in record keeping of field activities


Technology Transfer

·         Generate technology transfer material including but not limited to, annual reports, fact sheets, articles, papers, posters and presentations with respect to targeted audience

·         Positively represent WARC at various meetings with funding bodies, government, stakeholder and industry and at trade shows, extension meetings, conferences, etc.

·         Promote WARC’s mandate and field activities in written articles, meetings, etc.

·         Present at WARC extension events and invited extension events as requested


Non-Research Related

·         Maintain records of equipment, vehicles, grain and chemical inventory

·         Create and implement safe operating procedures (SOP’S)

·         Supervise summer students

·         Train summer students and seasonal staff in the safe use of equipment

·         Ensure employee safety training records are up to date



Essential Qualifications:

The candidate must have a degree or diploma in Agriculture or equivalent experience.   Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is required.  Knowledge and experience in field research with the ability to operate small plot equipment is required.  The candidate must be a legal resident of Canada and must hold a valid driver’s license as well as provide proof of COVID19 vaccination or a valid negative test every seven days.


Asset Qualifications:

Experience in crop/plant science and soil science agronomy is an asset. Eligibility to become a professional agronomist is desired.  Other asset qualifications include the ability to work independently, strong leadership skills, ability to work in a team environment, good time management skills and acceptable verbal/written communication skills.



The WARC Research Technician will report directly to the WARC General Manager and/or the Research Associate.  A monthly accounting of work performed is to be provided to the WARC General Manager and/or Research Associate and Board of Directors.  A performance assessment will be completed in conjunction with the General Manager and/or Research Associate and presented to the Board of Directors.


Salary and Working Conditions:

 The starting salary is based on education and experience according to an approved schedule with annual performance increments set at the discretion of the WARC Board of Directors. Working hours are flexible with a minimum of a 40 hour week.  The employee is expected to manage his/her own work schedule.  There is no allowance for overtime pay.  The position is for a one-year term with the potential to be extended further.


WARC is always looking for new and qualified employees. 


If interested contact us at 1(306) 247-2001 or send your resume to